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Abatin DC is the only licensed cannabis greenhouse in the District, growing the widest array of THC-dominant and CBD-ratio varieties to meet the unique needs, expectations, and sensitivities of every patient. 

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Under full brilliant sunlight and in nutrient-rich soil, Abatin cultivates the highest quality, most uniquely aromatic and flavorful cannabis in the District. 

The combination of our all-natural growing conditions and state-of-the-art practices produces flowers with complex, harmonious terpene bouquets, and pharmacologically significant levels of essential oils and cannabinoid content. 


Abatin is also the exclusive DC provider of ENHANCED+ flowers. These research-driven, effect-optimized varieties feature uniquely targeted ratios of THC-to-CBD: not only mitigating the negative side effects of high THC, but providing tailored experiences based on specific cannabis chemistries.

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Only sun and soil produce a complete cannabis chemistry, with robust cannabinoid and terpene content. Our state-of-the-art, climate controlled greenhouse ensures you enjoy the most unique, tailored cannabis in the District.

Abatin maintains the broadest, most diverse and robust genetics library in DC: producing a vast variety of cannabis inflorescence across a spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes, with targeted ratios for each.

All Abatin products are monitored during cultivation by a chemistry and microbiology unit that is among the most advanced cannabis laboratories in the U.S. — collaborating directly with pioneers of cannabis science.

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From relaxation to celebration to just some extra support for the day, Abatin cultivates a flower that is tailor-bred for your needs and lifestyle. Not only is our selection of THC-forward and ENHANCED+ varieties unmatched in the District, but our unique terpene profiles produce flavors and effects that make the cannabis experience better.

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Thank you! We'll be in touch soon.

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